Friday, 31 August 2007

A big purple...thing....

Today I thought it was important to show that my knitting time isn't entirely devoted to socks. I have made significant progress on the purple hoodie, mainly because it just feels so lovely to knit. It may not look like very much at the moment but I know it will be gorgeous to wear and will look much better when it has all its limbs. Anne and I were talking at our knitting group on Wednesday about how the combination of the right yarn and a simple stitch can give you that perfect knitting moment. Lixie laughed and said that we sounded like a couple of wine buffs talking about our favourite vintage as our language was peppered with sensual adjectives. We managed to avoid mentioning the smell of bubblegum and wet dog in the style of Gilly Goulden, that irritating pop wine queen. Lixie does have a point though, knitting is so much about the senses that it is wonderful to celebrate it now and again with fellow kntters who know what we are on about.

There have been finished objects here at Yarn Archive HQ - here are the Man's Waffle socks all ready for their intended recipient. They are knit in Trekking Pro Natura which is a wool and bamboo blend. I can't say it is my favourite yarn - how can bamboo make a woolly yarn seem hairier? Still, they have made a fine pair of socks which are plain enough for manly tastes but with enough interest in the colour and pattern to stop me moaning about the size of manfeet.

And finally, the Bracket Fungus socks are finished. I am delighted with the way that they have turned out and really enjoyed knitting them. The pattern has been written and is in the kind and generous hands of Hanne, Piratepurls and Purl Pirate for test knitting. As soon as they have sorted out the inevitable glitches for me the pattern will be available for download on the sidebar here.


stitchwort said...

It was seeing the pattern for this hoodie in the picture on your earlier posting that prompted me to get it to knit the yarn I dyed recently.

I've never done a top-down garment before, so thought I'd try this, and it is very easy. Don't think I'll do the hood, though.

I have just divided at the side splits, and with a Midsummer Murder on TV this evening, I expect to make more progress. Then I will try to get a photo on my blog.

The Bracket Fungus socks are excellent - I might even make an exception to my "only plain socks" rule!

natalie said...

I love the heels, the colour just sneaks in and surprises you.


Nikki said...

What very pretty socks! and I love the "big purple thing"

picperfic said...

I love knitting top down, right now I am knitting the 'leaf' cardigan from knitty and I am loving every minute. It is one of those projects that you don't really want to come to an end but you know it will. I am using the correct yarn too, cascade indulgence, it is amazing...I might just blog about it later! You have been so busy, I adore the pattern on the fungus socks! Clever you!

Dipsy Doodle said...

Your knitting is very beautiful - especially the socks, they're so pretty and I sure love the patterns as well as the gorgeous colourways you're using! The hoodie is also coming along very nicely, I can't wait to see more of it!

Dipsy D.