Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Woolfest, and an unveiling...

I am now back from Woolfest, tired and happy. First I would like to give a big thank you to my friends Anne and Laura who were the best travelling companions a girl could have. My stomach still aches from laughing (and eating far too much...).

I feel like a very poor blogger as I took my camera - and then didn't take a single photograph. I think I was just a bit overwhelmed. However, Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns has done a photo essay which captures everything I would like to say about the event, only much better than I ever could so do visit her website for a taste of Woolfest.

I had a marvellous time, particularly visiting the spinning stands, watching and asking questions of experienced spinners. My particular thanks to the Guild of Long Draw Spinners who really are the punk rockers of spinning - 'We're just interested in getting the stuff on the bobbin...'. They were so friendly and helpful, insisting that I sat down and had a go. My thanks also to the Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers who once again were very patient with my beginner's questions. And I truly mean beginner. At one point to my shame I found myself asking 'and what's that knob for'. They replied with grace and charm and I'm really glad I asked - now I know how to change ratios without the string going slack!

It was good to catch up with familiar faces. I caught up with Sue and Ruth, fellow Skipnorthers. Thanks to both of them for their advice on preparing my North Ronaldsay fleece.

I also finally got to meet Natalie from the Yarn Yard . She is every bit as warm and friendly as she is on e-mail and her stall looked fantastic. I can also now reveal the commission that I have been working on....

Some time ago, having seen the concoctions that I was making with the Yarn Yard sock club offerings Natalie asked me if I would consider writing a pattern for her for Woolfest. I have never written a pattern before but Natalie was very firm and encouraging! I am also grateful to Anni who kindly sent me her sock pattern template to get me started. The upshot is that I designed a pattern called the Spiral Sock for Natalie to give away to customers at Woolfest who bought a skein of her variegated yarn. I made up a range of samples for her to show how different the pattern looks in different combinations of yarns. This task was great fun for someone who suffers badly with second sock syndrome! It was lovely to see all the socks on Natalie's stall and to hear that they had been well received. I hope they made a small contribution to her success at Woolfest.

I will write more later about the lovely things that came home with me....


Maggie said...

Oh wow oh wow oh wow!!!

Fantastic, beautiful socks, I want some! Gimme gimme gimme! ;-)

Well done you, that's a great pattern. I bet there are a LOT of happy knitters out there now working on these.

Best wishes from wet Liverpool

Iris G said...

The pattern looks so versatile and all three samples are pretty! Now are you going to write up more lovely sock patterns;-)?