Friday, 27 July 2007

Tour update - not doped but dopey, plus bonus Norwegian content

In keeping with my theme of the seven deadly sins I have a confession to make. My performance in the Tour has so far been characterised by sloth. I started the TdeF knit along in pursuit of the polka dot jersey as I convinced myself that the entrelac socks would be really really hard. As it turns out they are a bit fiddly, but not too tricky at all. However, instead of aspiring to new challenges I have been pedalling languidly along like M Hulot on his Holiday. I have been wandering off playing with other projects then rejoining the peleton for a bit of a chitchat before ambling off somewhere else the moment something colourful catches my eye.

I have,however, seen the error of my ways. By making the socks my commuting project for the last few days I have surprised myself with the progress that I have made so much that in a fit of enthusiasm I hereby dedicate myself to the late pursuit of the green jersey and am planning a sprint finish. I am determined to get these blighters done before the end of the Tour. So, I have pumped up my tyres, shaved my legs and polished my needles. I may have left it too late to make my break but I've been slip streaming for days and will give it my best shot!

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post. The book I am working from is called Poetry in Stitches by Solveig Hisdal. She takes traditional Norwegian costume and textiles as a stepping off point and creates knitting patterns which put a modern twist on the designs.It really is a beautiful book which I have had for some years waiting to pluck up the courage to try knitting from it. I am absolutely delighted that there are a couple of people who have made the same jumper (particularly Woollywarbler whose version looks absolutely stunning by the way.) and lived to tell the tale. I may be looking to you for moral support in the not too distant future.

Another book which uses this approach is Norsk Strikkedesign which is a collection from a range of Norway's leading knitwear designers all giving their interpretation of Norway's significant knitting tradition. It is equally gorgeous.

I also brought back a couple of Rauma patterns which are much more traditional in their approach but show quite nicely the influences used by the designers in the book and are themselves, beautiful and wearable garments. The patterns are in Norwegian but come with a helpful leaflet translating the knitting vocabulary. The language of knitting is, of course, universal.

And well spotted IrisG , the lilac yarn is Garnstudio - you really are a yarn connoisseur!


Adrienne said...

Your socks look fantastic!!!!!

Lucy said...

You have so many interesting entries - I wanted to comment on them all but thought it more prudent to confine myself to your latest!! Lovely socks, all those beautiful yarns - your trip to Norway (I travelled by car down through the fjords many yrs ago) - I'm envious!! Happy Knitting!

picperfic said...

wow, those patterns look time consuming....beautiful though

Woollywarbler said...

I'm sure you'll be fine and moral support is a speciality of mine ;)

Iris G said...

The second sock is coming along so well! And I am with you, the beautiful patterns are not for the faint-hearted...I have yet to try my hands on any of those ;-). I'll be here to cheer you up!

Diana said...

Entrelac socks are fantastic and so is the yarn you've spun! I've done entrelac in a market bag and it's my favorite bag. Wool, felted and I carry it in the summer!