Thursday, 7 June 2007


I'm doing a little colour work on commission right now. I'm very excited about the project as it is a new departure for me.
I'm off to the Isle of Wight for the Festival weekend. There will, of course, be knitting in public. If I manage to ensnare any rock stars in my web of wool, you will be the first to know.


organic-lizzi said...

Nice blog:-) Beautiful colours.. and the things you make. I am new in spinning,dyeing...and blogging.
Have a nice day.

natalie said...

We want more.
We want more.
We want more.

Come on, where are you????

organic-lizzi said...

I live on a peninsula 25 min.with ferry from Oslo.
As I have all this animals I am much here... 10 walk and I can go swimming.Vegetarian restaurant?...I am afraid that Krishna is the best and that is not open in the evening... What would you like to see? Keep contact if I can be any help..:-)