Sunday, 17 June 2007

Lace Lunacy and woolly thoughts

Visitors to this blog could be forgiven for thinking that all that goes on here is spinning and sock knitting! You could also be thinking that half finished items appear here and sink without trace. Aha! This is the Luna Moth Shawl that I first blogged about back in April. It has sat a few rows from completion for a few weeks so I had a major blitz on it yesterday, blocked it this morning and here it is! It's made in Rowanspun DK and is a free pattern from As a pattern I found it quite hard to get into a rhythm with but I am so glad I persevered as I love the way it has turned out with its swirls and eddies.

It stood up to some fairly ferocious blocking as I wanted the points to stand out well. I have made quite a few shawls in Rowanspun as I like the contrast between the tweedy, woolly, flecked yarn and the lacy pattern. I also like some of my shawls to have a bit of cosy substance to snuggle up in. I am a habitual wearer of black so it is good to have a piece of clothing that makes me feel instantly feminine. I feel quite a different person swishing around in a shawl!

And now for something completely different. Look what the postman brought me yesterday morning! My lovely friend Elaine is spending a month doing lovely fibry things in the Scottish Isles. She must have seen my sad little face trying not to look envious as she left because she sent me this! It's a fleece from a North Ronaldsay seaweed fed sheep. The colours are gorgeous and she tells me that its best for outerwear like hats and gloves. We spent some time on our course looking at how to work from the fleece so I am very excited if a little daunted - any advice gratefully received!


Ruthanne said...

Beautiful shawl Jane - lovely color with black! Please show more of that fleece as you get to it, I'm curious!

Maggie said...

Oh dear, the fibre bug has got you in its claws! ;-) Thanks for calling over and commenting. I have 2 wheels sitting in the living room waiting for attention.

My Ashford needs a new bit of leather to attach the treadle, and also new hooks on the flyer. So far all I've done is dust it down and remove the corroded hooks on the flyer. We are very disorganised at the mo as Mum is still in hospital (2 weeks today) and we are seeing her consultant this afternoon - dreading it. So not much time for getting the spinning going again just now, but working on swatches for simple socks.

I have some lovely roving, and really would like to do something with it, but guess will take one of the wheels to the caravan when we go and I can sit and spin outside in the summer sun (actually prob will sit in the shade as burn terrribly if I'm not careful). Might try and wash some of the Lleyn fleece to take as well. It's only 15 years old after all! ;-)

Must go get bathed before I get caught up in blogging again - must take pics of my new yarn and beginning of first swatch (needles too big, so fabric too stretchy, but I thought I'd at least knit on till it was big enough to use as a little bag for something).

Gosh, this is practically a blog entry on its own!

All the best from grey Liverpool

Iris G said...

What a beauty your moth is ;-!
Maybe it is too early to ask, but I am just curious--how does it wash up? I like Rowanspun DK, and this yarn always gets transformed after a bath.
And the fibers...I really want to start spinning one day!