Sunday, 24 June 2007

Cinderella's sock fits! And, by sheer coincidence, I have just had only the second pedicure in my life and the toe nail polish matches my sock. Note to self: leaving a viewing hole in the sock for the nail polish would be stupid and uncomfortable...

I am quite beside myself with surprised pride and excitement. This is my first sock made from my own hand spun and after one incident of ripping out and starting again as the fabric was too dense and the sock far too big, which I prefer to refer to as the making of an extended swatch, I changed needle size and stitch count and this is what dropped from my needles.

Working with the yarn as a knitter has helped me think about issues that I need to consider as a spinner such as parts where there is too much twist in the yarn and extremes of thick and thinness but over all the yarn if a little heavier than it could be is entirely fit for purpose and should make a thick, hard wearing, comfortable pair of socks. The advice to break the roving into pieces to break up long colour runs seems to have done the trick in terms of colour distribution and I have also managed to avoid too many clunky colour changes. All in all I don't think it's a bad first effort at all.

Guess what? I spun the yarn for my own socks! (I just wanted to say that again....)


Amie said...

yay, you!

And beautiful spinning/socks indeed!

Alice said...

Oh Jane, these are just gorgeous!!! I have been forbidden by not so df at the moment from getting a spinning wheel until after we move. How am I to wait so long???

Looking forward to catching up this weekend!

Maggie said...

Congratulations! Super socks, and love the nail polish too. How about making toeless socks (bit like fingerless gloves) so you can display your toenails in their glory? ;-)

Best wishes from Liverpool - at least the rain has stopped, but it still looks rather uninviting outside, so am neglecting the garden today!

Donna B said...

Pretty colors! I hope my first sock yarn turns out as well as yours!