Thursday, 24 May 2007

Past, present and future

I have been a knitter for as long as I can remember. I don't carry around a lot of souvenirs of my childhood but this battered little chap is particularly precious even to an unsentimental character like me. This is Tatty, my first and demonstrably most loved teddy. He is probably the same age as me, darned by my mum until there was nothing to darn the darning to. I was clearly a loyal child as I was resolute in accepting no substitute bear so in a final attempt to preserve his integrity he has been tucked into a fine pair of hand knitted trousers, certainly the earliest surviving example of my knitting - I must have been about 6 or 7 when I made them. Believe it or not, he also has on a pair of knitted underpants underneath - teddies don't go commando in a respectable English home!

Moving on to more contemporary matters I am proud to say that I have shown a degree of project loyalty and managed to finish L's socks. I am so fond of their brightness and randomness. Matching socks aren't for me! Close observers may notice they are displayed on man sized sock blockers - each with a big, manly moose carved into the top - they always make me smile.

Bringing ourserves completely up to date we encounter things present. These are my current mindless commuter socks in a particularly joyful shade of Apple Pie by Apple Laine. I love using this yarn with its mix of merino, silk and mohair. As mindless socks go, however, these are a bit of a departure for me - I have adapted the toe and heel from the Inside Out pattern from the Rockin Sock Club for a plain toe up version. I am enjoying it - the garter stitch heel and toe give the sock a primitive, rustic quality compared to the more tailored top down flap and gusset pattern that I generally favour.

And finally I think my future includes..... more socks! Here we have a modest but beautiful couple of additions to the Yarn Archive. Fleece Artist Sea Socks in Poppy. I haven't tried this before but it feels so soft and silky. The other one is Soft Touch Ultra by Sheldridge Farms in Cajun Spice. The photo doesn't do the yarn justice. It is a fabulously substantial heathered yarn with green and orange highlights.

There you have it , a journey through my life - in wool.

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Missmalice said...

Jane the teddy is a sweetie. He needs a little vest! And your yarn! whoa, where do you get shelridge and sea socks? how cool!!!