Friday, 11 May 2007

No photos today. Instead, in the interests of giving a picture of my full knitting world I offer some sobering statistics. I recently decided to undertake an inventory of my yarn (the things a long dark winter will drive a girl to). It has taken me several months to come to terms with the size and scope of what is affectionately known to some of my friends as the National Yarn Archive. I don't think they are referring entirely to my enthusiasm for squirrelling discontinued yarns. I love my inventory - It's fair to say that in life I'm under rather than over organised so to be able to know whether I have enough yarn for a project without rummaging through bags and boxes is a real pleasure. I was also reunited with some lovely yarn that I had temporarily forgotten I had.

Of course now I have so many projects swirling around in my head that I am positively dizzy - but in a good way. I don't quite feel ready to reveal my Work in Progress (or as I prefer to call it, extended swatch) list yet.

My simple spreadsheet reveals the following:

Weight of collection in kg - 198
Equivalent expressed as 50g balls - 3962
How long the stash will last if I dispose of it (by knitting or other means) at a rate of 1 ball a day - 9 years, 6 months and 20 days
How many pairs of socks worth of sock yarn I have in hand - 125

This year I have resolved to:

At the very least stabilise the volume by having as much leave as enter the stash - can't let it stagnate
Get it properly organised in plastic bins
Hold a charity destash!

But above all I will enjoy it!

Anyone else like to share their statistics? Lixie is offering a handy Stashtimator here for anyone who would like to get a grip - we feel so much better for it...

Other breaking news - I have finished the orange cotton t shirt and worn it - twice - pictures when I can work out how to get a decent photograph of it now the rains have returned and all is dark at Yarn Archive HQ.

I have also embarked on this which with 4ply wool and 3mm needles for a girl built like me is a whole lot of knitting!

And finally, thank you to everyone for their kind comments about my handspun. I am full of anticipation and enthusiasm as I am picking up my spinning wheel tomorrow!!!


Iris G said...
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Iris G said...

(Sorry, I made a mistake in my previous post) Almost 200 kg of yarn would be a huge pile, wouldn't it?
I also like to stock when there's a closeout on a great yarn, after all, yarns are like fashion pieces, when they are gone, they are gone for good ;-).
I'll come back for your orange sweater--the sleeves were already so pretty, the sweater can only look better.