Friday, 4 May 2007

It's stash flash all the way today - perhaps I should subtitle this blog 'Jane's Probably Been Shopping. First up we have the latest offering from the Rockin Sock Club. Now I know there is no chance of this entry being labelled a spoiler as I am undoubtedly the last person on the planet to receive her yarn but as I haven't finished last month's socks yet I can't really complain, I had a good preview of it last night anyway when I visited the Liberty Knitting Group specifically for a meet up with the London Chapter of the RSC - four of us in all so hello to you all, especially Missmalice who got us all together. It was also lovely to see so many familiar faces, Sue from Skipnorth and Jenny, one of the founder members of North London Ktog to name but a few. Knitting really does turn London into a village.

I have had a very sociable week. On Wednesday I met up with the Ktogs as I try to do as much as possible. There is something about spending time with a diverse group of women who have been drawn together through a shared interest but over time have become a real community. We share the ups and downs of our lives, laugh, comfort each other, eat cake, laugh some more, maybe even knit a bit. We may not all be there every week but it has become a place where we can always drop in and pick up where we left off.

Back t the shopping confessional. I have been hearing loads of good things about Japanese knitting patterns and have been roundly assured that as the patterns are all charted and symbol translations are available on the net they are an essential in any serious knitters library. I was hugely pleased by my ability to work my way through Amazon Japan without accidentally purchasing a logbook for a Nissan and even more impressed that it took them 2 days to get them to the DHL depot in Canning Town. I will not go into detail about the trouble I had negotiating their release from the depot but it did include sitting down on the sofa in reception, getting my knitting out and refusing to leave until my books were 'taken off the van'. I was not the only person being given the runaround by probably the surliest, foulest mouthed receptionist I have ever encountered. As I left, a harassed man with seven parcels to extract said 'Can I borrow your knitting - I may be here some time...'

I have to say the hassle was worth it - the projects are beautiful - now all I need is a crash course in Japanese knitting symbols!

Finally, I have some unashamed yarn glamour shots. This has to be one of my favourite sock yarns - Apple Pie by Apple Laine. With a recipe that adds silk and mohair to the wool it really is a tactile treat. I'm off to rearrange my little Apple Pie tower...


Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Ohhhh, VERY PRETTY!!!!!!!

Missmalice said...

Gorgeous! It was great to hook up with you guys too. Looking forward to another meet up!