Monday, 14 May 2007

It was a little tricky at times but here it is, my wheel, all ready to go. I am terribly pleased with myself, wielding screw driver, allen key and hammer like a professional!

All was going way too well until I came to attach the flyer then realised that there were no holes to screw it onto. That was because I had attached the side bars upside down! It's not easy to partially dismantle the thing with the wheel in place but there was no way I was going to get the crank shaft out again so there was a lot of propping and swearing going on. I don't know who invented barrel nuts but the aren't for the faint hearted or cack handed. But they are no match for the determined would be spinner!

The wheel itself is an Ashford Traditional, single treadle with scotch tension which I think is the best thing for me to develop a solid skill base on. I have a few bags of Shetland roving to practice with so I'll be trying to spend a short time with it every day.

And finally, in case anyone thought I had abandoned knitting for my new passion here are my finished Rockin Sock Club February socks. They were an enjoyable knit and fit pretty well. They are thicker than my usual socks so I think will be good for inside hiking boots for when a bit more padding and support is required. They have also persuaded me that there may well be more toe up socks in my life.


Maggie said...

Congratulations on getting your wheel assembled. Happy spinning!

I'm trying to get my wheel fettled up after husband dumped it in the loft for several years... I was absolutely furious when I found out. Needs a lot of work to put it right, but hopefully will be spinning again soon. Meanwhile I've always had a soft spot for spindles, so if I can find where I stashed them I'll be having some fun with those for now.

Looking forward to seeing your first yarn.

Best wishes from Liverpool

Missmalice said...

Congrats! It looks fabulous. And such a beautiful wood too. Where did you order yours from? I am tempted... oooh so tempted....

Love the socks too. And the blockers! I really need to get some myself.

Happy spinning!

littlelixie said...

Wowsers that was quick! Will look forward to handspun taking centrestage at GG!