Thursday, 17 May 2007

I can't say much about this piece of knitting right now as it is planned as a gift but suffice to say I am enjoying the texture as it develops. The yarn is Lang Fiorina, a 100% cotton yarn that has been cooling its heels in my stash for a few years, knit on a 2.5mm circular - you know how I love those itty bitty needles!

A couple of years ago I discovered Elann who have far too many amazing deals on discontinued or end of line yarn. I have to admit I got a little carried away and can attribute a large proportion of my stash to it, including a whole box of Fiorina...

I have also noticed that I am going through a bit of a startitis patch having presented a new work in progress here every other day without the same number of finished objects! Having thought about it I realise that I do go through phases. I will often find myself buzzing with ideas for a while and getting started on a whole lot of things then at other times I just want to snuggle down with an unchallenging work in progress where the pattern is well established and I don't have to think too hard about them. I will often find that I will finish several things in a flurry too.

The major lesson that I have learned is that there is no reason to get stressed about it and think that I should be disciplined and complete one thing at a time from start to finish. That might suit some but that's not the way I enjoy my craft and surely that's the whole point!

Have a look at this ribbon! I had forgotten I had it until I was wrapping a present for a knitting friend and thought it would make her smile. Close observers will notice that the instructions do not stand up to scrutiny - you wouldn't learn much in the way of technique from this ribbon. The ribbon comes from Laura Foster Nicholson who makes some gorgeous quirky ribbons with motifs including vegetables, cupcakes and labyrinths to name but a few.

Off for my daily spinning practice - still got new mistakes to discover!

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