Sunday, 15 April 2007

This weekend I have been a true and faithful knitter, devoting what knitting time I have to finishing the border on my Melon Shawl. Good news! I only have about 18 inches to go - I could have my first major finished piece to post about by the end of the week if I can hold fast to my task.

However, I do need to post a warning to other Victorian Lace Today knitters. I have been reading in a number of places that the yardage guidance is not particularly accurate. It is certainly true in my case. The book says that this shawl needs 3 balls of Kid Silk Haze. I bought 4 to be on the safe side and am very glad I did - I ran out before I was even halfway round the border - I doubt that I will have much left from the fourth ball so the yardage is out by a good 20%. I am lucky that it was easy for me to compensate but there are those who may have used one off artisan yarns for whom dodgy yardage information will be a big deal.

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