Friday, 20 April 2007

Spring is well and truly here now, with days so warm that it is sometimes hard to remember that it really is only April. The swifts are yet to return from their winter migration even though I scan the sky for them daily. All this warmth and light has a real influence on what I want to wear and knit, even the colours I want to be around. Autumn and winter see me drawn to muted, tweedy shades. Come the spring I'm looking for fuchsia pink, lime green and spicy orange.

Knitting for me will always have to have a strong element of the practical within it, even though I am striving to improve my skills and tackle complexity for the love of the art. However I woke up on Monday saying to myself 'Planning my summer working wardrobe would be so much easier if I had half a dozen or so plain knitted cotton tees...' With an Amazon's build like mine (!!) that's an awful lot of stocking stitch, and cotton is a hard taskmaster if you want your stitches to be even... I can at least manage to tackle one.

So there we have it, temporarily on one side are the greys and soft blues of the current inhabitants of my knitting bag - enter the plain, simple, bright orange celebration of the new season.

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