Monday, 16 April 2007

The melon shawl is finished. Once I was on a roll with the border I stayed up way later than I should have done to finish the knitting, blocked it on the carpet where, on a day like this it was dry by the late afternoon.

The first picture shows it in its damp, pre-blocked state - it looks so miserable and unprepossessing in this state - like a lettuce forgotten about a t the back of the fridge - it's quite remarkable that with a bit of coaxing and pinning it can be transformed into something so... grown up! I'm glad I used the brilliant lime green - it might have looked a bit sedate and not really me in a more muted shade - will be fabulous with black, my wardrobe staple.

I am surprised at how substantial it feels. The yarn feels like hairy spiders web to a good old fashioned wool devotee like myself - I think it will be great for summer evenings out - as if a girl needs an excuse...


Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Looks VERY good!!!!!!!!!!!!

vi said...

it's gorgeous
now i am not one for green
but that isn't too bad a green
the craftsman ship as ALWAYS with you
is superb


Anne said...

Jane that's just stunning. It's gorgeous to see that forgotten lettuce in it's true glory :) Beautiful job!