Sunday, 1 April 2007

I am very excited about these socks. I have spoken already about my passion for slip stitches. Ha! That was before I discovered mosaic stitches. I would describe them as a slip stitch's more sophisticated older sister. Barbara Walker's Second Treasury has a very good introductory chapter which leads the knitter gently by the hand from simple zigzags right through to the most intricate of mazes and labyrynths, all created by only using one strand of yarn at a time. I am quite captivated. However, I am aware that a grand passion can be nipped in the bud by launching myself into an over complicated design before I have grasped the basic principles.

Thoughtfully, Walker offers this pair of patterns, Macedonian stitch and Russian stitch by way of an introduction to the principle. I think they lend themselves perfectly to a sock as one stripes vertically and one horizontally. I gave the sock a folded over hem in order to use the Macedonian stitch as the cuff then allowed the Russian stitch to run down the ankle and instep. The yarn is, once again from the Yarn Yard Sock Club.

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