Thursday, 5 April 2007

I am going away to spend Easter with my sister and two small children in Wales. I am travelling by train. Therefore, packing needs to be confined to the essentials, especially on a day like today when the trains are bound to be 'crush loaded' as I believe they say in the trade.

I am skilled by years of experience in packing the right amount of clothes and general gear to fill a modest case. However, when it comes to my knitting I am seized by some irrational notion that I MIGHT RUN OUT OF YARN!!! I give you, my wool packing for the weekend. Part of me knows that if I chose to knit solidly for all the hours of the long weekend I would still not get through it and the chances of that with two excitable children around are zero, but the other part is unable to decide which, if any to leave out. Because, you see, I need something mindless for chatting in front of the television. I need something mildly but not overwhelmingly challenging yet compact for the 5 hours I am about to spend on a crowded train, I'm bound to finish the socks as I am already on the foot of the first one. Choice is quite impossible.

So if you see someone with the tiniest of suitcases rolling along behind her fighting her way through the London crowds this afternoon, shedding balls of wool - that'll be me....

PS There is, of course, a perfectly good wool shop where I will be staying.


Jeanne said...

I am the same way when I travel - I always have to bring more than I can actually knit within the time. Have a wonderful visit and Happy Easter!

kathryn said...

I'm the same too. Always lots more wool than clothes and I think for me it's the inability to decide exactly what I am going to knit.... Hope you have a lovely Easter.