Sunday, 22 April 2007

As previously mentioned I love knitting, designing, wearing and giving away socks. When I first discovered the passion I used a lot of the commercial plain and printed yarn which can just be flung in the washing machine and comes out fine and fuzzy time after time. Of course, as the passion deepened so did my taste for more and more exquisite and high bred yarns. After a couple of felting and shrinking incidents I realised that these thoroughbred socks needed the tender treatment of a hand wash.

One of the joys of a sock habit as prolific as mine is that an endless supply of socks is to hand each morning and if I need an extra special spring in my step, a new pair can always be found to add colour to the day.

Prolific knitter I may be, domestic goddess I am not. A rare Sunday at home means that thoughts have to turn to matters of a laundry variety. I was aware I hadn't done a hand wash for a while but was a little abashed by the number of socks I was pulling from my laundry bag. I felt like a magician pulling the flags of all nations from his sleeve. So here it is, a sizeable, if by no means complete snapshot of my sock collection. For the lovers of detail amongst us I believe from left to right the line contains: Cherry Tree Hill, Socks that Rock, more CTH, three lots of Schaeffer Anne, two of Claudia Handpaint, two Mountain Colors Bearfoot, two Lorna's laces, one Koigu, on Trekking XXL and one Sheldridge Farms.

I'm looking forward to the feeling of satisfaction that I will get when they are all folded neatly in my sock drawer.


Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

OMG! those are a LOT of socks!!!!!!

Lucy said...

Hi Jane - I'm catching up on some Blog reading this a.m.(Aussie time!!).What a fantastic collection of socks you have!!One day I am going to knit a pair of socks - hopefully this year actually!!Time goes so quickly I can't believe it's almost May !!