Sunday, 25 March 2007

I have developed a positive mania for slip stitch patterns. I have long wished to introduce more colour into my sock knitting but after one somewhat unsuccessful attempt at what started out as a pair of fairisle socks turned into a sock and a half with a fairisle band around the top, I was chastened to admit defeat. No such trouble with slip stitches. They simply flow from the needles.

Being pleased with the effect of the flickering embers socks I curled up on the sofa with my stitch dictionaries (not a bad way to pass the time....) and came up with these designs. The dark green and pink use a Bargello stitch from Vogue Knitting Stitchionary and the green and purple pair use a heavily abbreviated version of Barbara Walker's two colour cable rib.

The designs aren't perfect by any means. I have learned that I need to ensure that I take into account the need for increasing the stitch numbers when a stitch has the effect of pulling the fabric in or adding an extra yarn over to the slip stitch to ensure that the instep doesn't bunch up compared to the sole but its all part of the learning and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. The yarns I have used are a combination of Yarn Yard Handpaints and Sunbeam St Ives for the dark sock and Opal Uni for the lighter one. If anyone is worried about the expense of a handpaint this is a good way to make a more expensive yarn go a little further and use up scraps of yarn - as well as an outlet for creativity - I'm sure the wartime sock darners would approve.


Jeanne said...

Very pretty! Great way to use smaller amounts of yarn. What pattern is the top sock using?

Probably Jane said...

Thanks Jeanne

The top sock uses Barbara Walker's two colour cable rib from her first treasury of knitting patterns although I omitted a couple of the rows between the slip stitches and put a yarn over into the stitch to be slipped to stop it scrunching the sock up too much, especially on the foot where I was using it opposite a plain stripe.