Saturday, 31 March 2007

After a long hard working week something straightforward but unusually beautiful is called for. As much as I enjoy the challenge and stimulation of designing a new sock, manipulating yarns, thinking about stitch counts, fabric guage and heel turns it is wonderful to plunge into the simplest of constructions, known by heart, and just wallow in how the yarn feels under my fingers and how the colours emerge and play with each other, like slipping into a cool blue sea after a long, hot, dusty journey. That's not quite how these socks make me feel but they are pretty gorgeous!

The yarn is one I haven't tried before - Apple Pie by Apple Laine. It has a seductive list of ingredients: 50% wool. 20% mohair, 20% silk and 10% nylon. Quite a potent brew.... I have used yarns which combine most of these fibres - just not all together at once. So far so good - the mohair lends a halo while the silk adds a slightly papery quality to the feel beneath my fingers as well as a glorious sheen. The shade is Grape Harvest. I am enjoying that the juxtaposition of colours has stayed constant from skein to ball and ball to sock with no obvious pooling or striping. I have, in the past found that a yarn can look quite different on the skein than on the sock depending on the eventual colour relationships. Sometimes it can be a lovely surprise. Sometimes a girl has to accept that the clown has been left too long in the blender.

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Emma said...

Looks like they will turn out to be a gorgeous pair of socks!